On Saturday, 27th of July 2019, the Blockchain Nigeria User Group held its first-ever Unchained Blockchain Meet-up at WeNNovation Hub, Jabi, Abuja.

It was particularly exciting for those of us who are members of the BNUG Community in Abuja as we have only been treated to pictures and stories of the meet-ups organized for the Lagos Community before now.

The event kicked off with a documentary on the development of money over the years. How it began as exchange of goods for goods, grew into the use of solid metals and to paper money (fiat) first backed by metals such as gold in the national treasury of sovereign nations then later hinged on the element of TRUST in the sovereigns. Now, we are faced with the concept of digital asset which is returning the control of money to its original source: The People.

Next was the networking session. It was exciting meeting figures like Mr. Chuta Chimezie, BoulevardLP, Cryptochidi, the face behind Sandra amongst others.

Then, the interactive session featured an X-ray of the possible security threats the blockchain technology pose in the hands of extremists. While some participants where of the view that the use of money to fund terrorist activities is not new and will have nothing peculiar to do with the Blockchain so there was no need to raise up that dust till we get there, others strongly argued that the topic was timely and will help the community find a viable solution before such occurrence.

Next, different Projects and Exchanges were given the floor for projects exhibition. They were, essentially, kurepay Exchange, Sabi Exchange, Houbi and kubitX.

Item 7 came finally in the form of pizza and soft drinks. There was a group photograph after that and we called it a day.

As an aside, my biggest gain from the event was meeting with BoulevardLP who opened my eyes to the potential the ecosystem holds for the legal profession, which is my profession.

Please BNUG, we are asking for more meet-ups.