Good morning folks. Today is declared #WorkFriday. If you have been attending out Unchained Blockchain Meetup events, you’d have noticed we always emphasize the need for people to acquire the right Skills for great job roles in the unfolding Blockchain industry. Am going to be dropping free links to some of those career paths that could prepare you for your next level job in Blockchain and Crypto ecosystem.

Free Project Management Courses

Code Camp

App Dev

UX Design

Social Media and Digital Marketing


Keep Your Technological Skills Up To Date:

In a competitive job market, superior IT skills will distinguish you as technically nimble, a quality that many employers and recruitment firms now consider to be vital in today’s workplace.

1. Consider any blind spots in your technical knowledge and experience that may be listed in job descriptions you read. The aim is to realistically identify where you can improve your employability in your chosen field by gaining working knowledge of a marketable technology.

2. Keep up to date with the latest technologies—-A working knowledge of alternative and up-and-coming technologies will make you an essential resource to employers as it evolves.

3. Develop your ‘third dimension’

Your ‘third dimension’ is the skill set you develop to complement your fundamental experience and abilities. 
Be ready to broaden your horizons by adding additional technological know-how on your resume or online social media profile.

Now here are websites/resources and apps where you can learn and update your tech skills.
I will list 30 of them starting with:

1. MIT OpenCourseWare

MIT shares information about technological innovations and course materials like presentations, lecture videos and much more.

2. Coursera

Learn design, IT, engineering, algorithms and computer science. Free courses are available in six different languages.

3. Udacity

MOOCs (massive open online courses) on software testing and web development. Requires a subscription and gives out certificates. Also has an app for iOS and Android.

4. Codecademy

Learn to code in HTML, CSS, PHP, Ruby and APIs languages by watching interactive tutorials.

5. Treehouse

Learn web design, coding, programming. Step-by-step development exercises, insights and much more.

6. Grovo

A powerful platform to educate and empower your employees. How-to video training, original methods that help you learn about web apps and tools.

7. General Assembly

Online courses and workshops on design, digital marketing, technology and mobile development.

8. Lynda

Learn and upgrade your skills online in the fields of technology, business, and creativity.

9. Skillcrush

Teaches you online coding and web design. You can choose between many different courses like UX, web design, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery and much more.

10. Udemy

Udemy offers more than 42,000 online courses that can be taken on any device. Learn anything from 3D animation to Python, Excel, Java and so much more.

11. Khan Academy

Free online courses in computer programming, animation, math, economics with over 100,000 interactive exercises. Can also be used as an app for iOS and Android.

12. OpenCourseWare Consortium

This website gives you access to all of its member schools lessons that are available online.

13. Future Learn

Choose between many different course categories including Science, Maths & Technology, History, Law and much more.

14. Microsoft Virtual Academy

Master such Microsoft products as Windows 10, cloud, web, database and game development and much more.

15. Topcoder

Learn to crowdsource through algorithms, analytics, application development, design and rapid prototyping.

16. Trailhead

Trailhead teaches you how to build Salesforce by creating apps and adapting web development to a particular business.

17. Appy Geek

An app that keeps you up to date on the latest news in the technology world with more than 50,000 articles every day.
I discovered this website in my early days (1996) as a curious tech nerd.

18. Wampserver

Wampserver is a Windows web development website. You can upgrade your MySQL, Apache2 and PHP skills.
Trust me. You need this skill!

19. Open Wonderland

Open source 3D virtual collaboration toolkit that lets you create a 3D world of your own.
3D printing research brought me into Blockchain tech space!

20. TED

TED is a great place to catch up with the latest innovations, ideas, and insights in many fields, including technology.

21. Eclipse

Eclipse is an open source community with plenty of projects, tools, and collaborative working groups.

22. A series of apps – each of them teaches you a different coding language. Choose between C++, Java, Python, HTML and much more.

23. Tynker

A super simple and fun way to learn the roots of coding by playing a game.

24. Encode

A simple app that guides the user through basic concepts of coding and then leads him to more complex topics.

25. Mozilla Thimble

Another fun app that helps youngsters and adult students learn to code through a game of remixing.

26. Codea

Codea is a user-friendly app for iOS that lets you create simulations and games of your own.

27. Vidcode

Vidcode is an app that has a purpose to help girls and women learn to code.

28. Code School

Interactive programming lessons and projects with guidance. Learn anything from HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Python to Ruby and PHP.

29. CodeCombat

Another great and engaging game about dungeons and dragons that helps learn coding skills.

30. Codrops

Codrops is an excellent blog with comprehensive tutorials. It’s a suitable resource for any web developer – for learning, inspiration and much more.

My final words:
Blockchain technology is a “technology”!
Don’t be deceived or get carried away by the excitement of its first-fruits which is Cryptocurrency. Making money through trading spurred by a speculative market is awesome, but understand that it’s at best, “your hustle”. You need a career path that is sustainable and that path is in the application of the technology for your advantage.
Learn the ropes early.
Have you all a great weekend!

Chimezie Chuta

IT Professional & Drupal Web Developer. Trainer @ Lagos DrupalVersity. Founder,, Coordinator, Blockchain Nigeria User Group, 3D Printing guy!