We are living in the “era of the blockchain”. The impact that it can have on our future is truly scary and magnanimous.

So, how can I get a piece of that “blockchain action” and get some $$$ into my bank account?

I believe that question and passion brought you here.


One of the ways of getting into the action & $$$ is by becoming a blockchain developer skilled in building DAPPS or blockchain platforms, backends Protocols.

Although this discussion alone will not make you a Blockchain Developer, it will provide you with realistic steps, anyone, even those without previous coding experience can take to realize their dream of becoming a blockchain developer. If we believe in the power of this tech to transform Africa’s economic fortunes, then we must also bridge the skills gap that exists today in other to secure for our people, a bright future in the unfolding decentralized economy.

There are two classes of blockchain developers: Those that build blockchain protocols and those that build Decentralized Blockchain Applications. And there are also two kinds of blockchains that you would want to concentrate on building on. One is for the open blockchain like Bitcoin & Ethereum and the other is for the private/ permissioned blockchain.

Think about them this way: A blockchain protocol is like operating systems like Microsoft Windows, Android, Ubuntu -Linux, and other Unix-like Operating Systems such as AppleMac OS.

A protocol is a set of rules or procedures that govern the transfer of data between two or more electronic devices.

Other examples of familiar internet protocols are TCP/IP, HTTPS, and DNS.

Blockchains work based on pre-defined rules which are agreed upon by all the participating nodes (the peers) in the network. These rules include:

  1. a how-to for governing and validating transactions,
  2. an algorithm that defines the mechanism for all participating nodes to interact with each other, and,
  3. (in some cases), application programming interface.

These rules that govern a blockchain network are referred to as a protocol.

All of these are built by Blockchain Developers!

On the other hand, a Blockchain Applications aka Decentralized Applications (DAPPs) are like the different application software that runs on top of the Operating systems on your computer helping you to do different tasks, eg. Corel Draw and Photoshop for graphics and Photo Editing, Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing .pdf files, etc.

The skill set required to function in these classes differ, and I will explain as we go along.

See, any of them is going to take you some time and you will need to dedicate quality time and resources to your education.

Do not expect immediate results, because becoming a blockchain developer is not a magic pill that you can swallow this night and tomorrow morning you wake up and boom, you have become a blockchain developer!

For anyone with zero coding skill, don’t be discouraged, you can learn to code. The most important thing about learning to code is to make up your mind that you will not quit halfway. There are times things might become really hazy and you will like to quit and do something else with your time. Please don’t quit and give up. You can do it. Almost every one of us was scared of maths while in school, but you have to confront that fear now. You have to.